Best Year Ever – Canadian Broadcaster Stats Show Record Growth

While FairPlay Canada claims that streaming is killing the industry, more stats shows that the opposite is true.

FairPlay Canada argues that revenue for TV and film is falling and that jobs will continue to diminish as a result. They blame streaming websites as the cause of all of this. As such, they are pushing Canadian regulators to implement a censorship regime as a way to stop this trend from continuing.

Back in February, a study cast the entire premise into doubt. It shows that revenue and job creation continues to grow and that things never looked brighter. That alone cast suspicion on the lobby group because people are now thinking that this is a false narrative.

One question some skeptics might have is what if this study is just a one off? Does anyone else say that things are bright and rosy for the industry? As it turns out, the answer is yes.

According to data we uncovered, someone else is agreeing that things have never looked better for the industry. The Jim Pattison Group owns many TV and radio stations throughout British Columbia. Statistics being shown off on their official website paint a very bright picture for the organization.

On their website, they boast over $10 billion in revenue. They also say they are currently the second largest private company in Canada.

Of course, is this part of an upward trend? The website has no problem showing it as such:

Not only is it part of an upward trend, but the statistic shows that 2017 is the best year ever for the company, cracking $10 billion for the first time in history. Not only this, but they are also growing their workforce as well.

If anything, this corroborates with the previously released study which shows things have never been better for the film and TV industry.

Additionally, this puts further into question the necessity of Internet censorship in the first place. If we need web censorship because employment and revenue is dying, and the truth is that both are rising instead of falling, why do we need internet censorship in the first place?

Canadian regulators have yet to make a decision on Internet censorship at this point in time.

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