Announcement: The March 2022 Wiki Content Patch

We now take a look at what we’ve added to the Wiki over the last month. This is for the month of March.

Last month, we mentioned how we added a couple more back episodes for the Future Sound of Egypt. It was, admittedly, a smaller update as we only got up to episode 440. Still, progress was progress. We were inching along and making ground to the newer episodes.

This month wound up being a substantially large patch. First of all, we made it up to episode 450, an episode we were rather nervous about because there is a lot to archive just on that one episode. Well, we not only got to that episode, but also completed it as well. This alone means this month’s patch is one of the biggest ones in a while. As it turns out, we weren’t done with that.

We then made it all the way up to episode 500 on top of it all. My initial thoughts was that this is the wall I’ll be stuck behind for a bit. However, I managed to complete that episode as well. For good measure, I went even beyond that and completed the archive all the way up to episode 501 for good measure. I really didn’t think I’d make it this far in one month, but hey, it’s hard to complain about it, right? This represents an addition of well over 100 hours of additional music. So, a heck of a lot of added music for you to listen to.

Another notable development in the archive has to do with the show, Resonation. As it turns out, a large number of episodes that were not previously available on Soundcloud were added. With the exception of episodes 003 and 004, as well as a couple of the latest episodes, we were able to add the Soundcloud embed to every episode now. So, a substantial improvement to the archive to say the least.

As usual, the latest episodes for the Future Sound of Egypt, Fables, Resonation, the V Recordings Podcast, and the Random Movement Podcast was added as well. One thing to note is that episode 126 of the V Recordings Podcast doesn’t seem to exist. It was as if this episode was completely skipped over. A peculiarity if there ever was one.

We hope you enjoy the latest patch of content. We also look forward to adding even more content in the future!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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