Announcement: The July 2020 Wiki Content Patch

Content continues to be added to the Wiki. This is the monthly report on what has been added this month on Freezenet’s official Wiki.

It’s been a very busy month here on Freezenet. Unless you’ve been zeroing in on how much work has been happening on the official Wiki, it may look like things have been relatively quiet. Underneath the surface, however, is certainly a different story.

Last month, we mentioned that work continued on the Corsten’s Countdown archive. At the time, we said that we’ve been able to archive all the way up to episode 160.

This month, we’ve really been able to knuckle down and get a lot of episodes completed. How many episodes? We’ve been able to archive all the way up to episode 620. In addition to that, we also have been archived the newest episodes as well. We’ve archives the newest 11 episodes of the show as well. This totals 631 episodes. In all, this represents 645 hours worth of music being documented. It also represents an addition of 471 archived episodes or an addition of 485 hours worth of additional documented music. For those working the math, there was an 8 hour special and a second 8 hour special along with a 1 hour “recap” show.

While we were working on that archive project, we also updated the archive for Fables. The archive has been expanded all the way up to episode 155. As a result, that represents an archive totaling over 161 hours worth of music. An exact count can no longer be calculated due to a “lost” episode (150).

So, an overall extremely busy month. Judging by the feedback we’ve been getting so far, the overall impression is that it’s remarkable how much work has been completed so far.

The question some of you might be having out there is, how much is left to cover? Let me put it to you this way: if I doubled what is currently on the Wiki, I wouldn’t even come close to scratching the surface. The overall volume is astronomically overwhelming which is why I opened up multiple positions for Wiki volunteers. There’s just so much stuff out there to archive that I’ll be at this one for quite a while yet. Still, that is actually fantastic news for you because if I am sitting on this much music knowledge, that is going to be that much more music knowledge for you coming soon. Great deal for you, exhausting for me. Go figure!

In the mean time, we hope you are enjoying what is on the Wiki so far and look forward to continuing to add more content in the future!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.


  • D33b says:

    Absolute kingly effort Drew! Meant to check out Trance Around the World for a while now and finally listening to it. Really digging it. Thanks for the shows. Already knew about Corsten’s Countdown though. If anyone hasn’t heard it, seriously check it out. It’s fire! Saw the Group Therapy show on the list, but there’s nothing really there. Any chance of posting that too?


    • Drew Wilson says:

      Group Therapy is on the list of shows I intend on covering soon. I wanted to get through a few more other shows first (most of them are quite small, thankfully) before I get to that one. I’ve been wanting to start expanding the site to cover other genre’s and plan to start incorporating them into the project list. I am working towards that show, though! So, unless someone raises their hand to volunteer to help, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for that, sadly.

      Glad you are enjoying Trance Around the World, though. That’s probably the first Trance show I listened to. I think the show was somewhere around the 300’s when I started listening to it. Still listening to it from time to time. It’s a great source for music. 😀

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