Announcement: The April 2020 Wiki Content Patch

We continue to add new and interesting things to our Wiki. This April 2020 Wiki Content Patch report details what is new this month.

We are continuing to add new an interesting things to our Wiki. This month features a sizable upgrade so big, we couldn’t contain it in a single report. Earlier this month, we shared with you the completion of an information archive of Trance Around the World in an April mini update. This, of course, represented a huge achievement of not only completing the information for our first show, but also completing the information of a show of this considerable size (450 episodes).

For the rest of the month, we’ve been working hard to see how much more knowledge we can share with you. This month, we’ve completed a profile and discography information of Seand Tyas. In addition to this, we completed the information for Tytanium Recordings, Degenerate Records, and Regenerate Records.

While all that is, of course, interesting, what we were able to complete after that is much more sizable. This month, we completed our second show called Degenerate Radio. This show features 183 episodes spanning roughly 200 hours worth of content. This radio show is much newer than Trance Around the World having only ended at the end of last year. In fact, the ending was so recent, we initially planned for this to be the first radio show to be active that we are documenting. That didn’t happen, but we are happy to archive what information we could anyway with this show partly because it’s worth checking out in our view.

We, of course, updated the Main Wiki Page to reflect this recent addition in the process.

In the process, some of this information actually has a relationship with other information already published. This is mainly the number of times music by Sean Tyas was played in the previous show we documented. So, links have been updated accordingly to help with the crossover between the two parts of the site to help make navigation easier.

We hope you find this latest information upgrade useful and look forward to building on this knowledge in the future as well.

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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