60 Year-Old Australian’s House Raided Over Re-Posting YouTube Clip

There’s always the passing thought of getting raided for uploading copyrighted works, but over a viral video originally on YouTube?

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

Controversy has taken hold in Australia recently over what happened to a 60 year old man now charged for child abuse. The report comes from the Sydney Morning Herald which says that Chris Illingworth liked a viral video posted on YouTube so much, that he re-posted it on a similar website known as LiveLeak.

Apparently, the act of re-posting that particular video was enough to get his house raided by police. Apparently, the video was originally broadcast on US television, but authorities said that since the video was re-posted by an Australian, the Australian is subject to Australian law. Authorities also said that the child was being abused even though the clip depicts the child laughing and smiling by the end of it.

The report also says that the Electronic Frontier Australia (EFA) has contacted the defendant and offered to help defend him.

It’s unclear what authorities were looking for while raiding the defendants house.

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