Sony BMG Accused of Music Piracy – Assets Seized

There’s some breaking news surfacing out of Mexico. Police have raided a property, seizing thousands of CDs which contain unauthorized music. Sounds like a pretty plain news story had it not been an operation related to Sony BMG.

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RIAA Member Lawyer Blames Joel for ThePirateBay Mixtape

Interesting new development in the Tenenbaum case. After ThePirateBay posted the DJ Joel Mixtape, a torrent of the songs Joel was sued for ($675,000 in damages), the development made it’s way into court documents. Plaintiffs were apparently not impressed saying, “despite the verdict and a clear finding of willful copyright infringement by Defendant, he continues

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German Pirate Party to Win Several Seats in Germany!

The Swedish Pirate Party winning one seat in the European Parliament was a major milestone for the party on the world stage. It inspired several people in different countries to form their own Pirate Party in different countries around the world. So, one can only imagine what it means for the international movement on word

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NDP Makes No Apology for Copyright Stance

The major drama was sparked by a Toronto town hall meeting when it was found out that the copyright industry stacked the deck in their favour. The fallout exploded when students and NDP MP Olivia Chow – the wife of NDP leader Jack Layton – was threatened by private security at the meeting and an

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Copyright Industry Stacks Town Hall Meeting In Their Favour

It was the second of only two town hall meetings, but it appeared that a vast majority of those in the audience were there to shut out non-copyright industry opinions. Some reports are suggesting that the government may have played a role in rigging the whole meeting, but more moderate reports suggest that the industry

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Price War Gets Ugly – Shaw Sues Competing ISP

For many in a particular area of Vancouver, it was the deal of a lifetime. High definition TV, phone and high speed internet connection for $9.95 a month. The problem? A small ISP by the name of Novus is also in the area trying to sell the exact same thing. In response to Shaw’s price,

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Report – Windows 7 is ‘Practically Made for Pirates’

We’re not entirely sure who would be more upset, copyright holders who have been desperately trying to install a three strikes regime everywhere in the world or Microsoft after they receive a lawsuit from those same copyright holders. It’s unlikely that, in the face of the MGM vs. Grokster case, that Microsoft will exactly be

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