Report – Windows 7 is ‘Practically Made for Pirates’

We’re not entirely sure who would be more upset, copyright holders who have been desperately trying to install a three strikes regime everywhere in the world or Microsoft after they receive a lawsuit from those same copyright holders. It’s unlikely that, in the face of the MGM vs. Grokster case, that Microsoft will exactly be showing off this aspect of the soon-to-be released OS.

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

There’s been the odd rumour here and there that Microsoft is colluding with copyright holders from time to time. One rumour suggested that Longhorn, now known as Vista, would not play unlicensed content. Of course, rumours like that eventually fell apart sometime during the release of the OS. This is what makes the notion that Windows 7 is designed for piracy.

The report comes from Wired via CNN where the author put together 7 reasons to use Windows 7. One of the reasons to switch to Windows 7? Piracy will now be a breeze:

Yarr! We know there are plenty of you out there downloading pirated digital booty, especially in Windows land. But it’s never been convenient to be a pirate compared with being a paying customer. For example, if you’re a legitimate buyer purchasing movies off iTunes, you can easily stream your media to your legitimately purchased Apple TV. If you’re a pirate, you’d have to go through roundabout programs and hardware to re-create the experience.

Windows 7 is an OS practically made for pirates. Want to display your movies, photos or music on your TV? Bam! Windows Media Player will do that out of the box if you have a Wi-Fi enabled TV, or an Xbox. No extra programs to install: Windows Media Player seamlessly communicates with your Wi-Fi device to display your illegal content in all its glory on your fancy HD TV.

And sharing media is easy, too. Want to download all of your brother’s music? Bam! HomeGroup, an easy networking feature included in Windows 7, will make that super easy between computers running the OS. Immediately upon plugging in to your network with Ethernet or Wi-Fi, HomeGroup will ask if you wish to join the group on the network, allowing you to set up easy file sharing in minutes.

It’s more than likely that this reason is a little tongue and cheek, though it’s doubtful groups like the RIAA would be laughing. Still, some Windows supporters in the past have suggested that Microsoft continues to dominate in the OS market, in part, thanks to not actually proving the rumours that there would be a form of trusted computing that would quash all forms of unauthorized content.

It’s unclear how Microsoft would actually handle the label of Windows 7 as being a Piracy Operating System, but content being shared between computers isn’t an entirely new thing for Windows given the shared directory has been part of a Microsoft Operating System for quite some time now – not to mention the whole concept of networking computing.

Regardless, it’s hard not to see the humour in the idea that Windows is “made for pirates”. We can already see the sales being higher than expected already.

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