Opinion: Why Malware as an Anti-Piracy Method is Doomed to Fail

By Drew Wilson Late last month, a report by the IP Commission caused a stir amongst advocates. Among the recommendations was the call to hack into an alleged copyright infringer’s computer and either delete infringing material, lock down the computer altogether, or physically destroy the computer entirely. Drew Wilson offers his thoughts on the subject

Canadian Industry Groups Want to Legalize Spyware?

By Drew Wilson A recent submission made by a number of corporate organizations in the Canadian anti-spam initiative is raising alarm bells. The groups are demanding that certain kinds of software (like spyware) be exempt from provisions of the anti-spam law that could theoretically be used for the purposes of anti-piracy operations on the personal

Anti-Piracy Organization Accused of Piracy

These days, anti-piracy efforts seem to be an industry in itself. Several businesses have feared that their “intellectual property” would get pirated or boot-legged in some form without compensation.

MovieLabs to Fight Piracy

The Motion Picture Laboratories Inc. (aka MovieLabs) will begin operation later this year as a nonprofit consortium later this year. MovieLabs will have a budget of more than $30 million for its first two years according to Hollywood executives.