Top 10 Worst Games Reviewed in 2021

It is once again that time of year where we look back at the year that was. The game reviews have been filled with highs and lows, so we kick things off with the low-lights of the year. That’s right, we’re counting down the top 10 worst games we’ve reviewed this year.

If there’s anything that can describe this year in gaming for us, it is largely made up with systems that shrink the size of the screen. We also decided to try some Sega games this year as well. Suffice to say, the results were quite interesting. As a result, this years list went surprisingly one-sided with only one Sega game even getting a mention. Whether or not that is blind luck, we’re not sure. Still, we have the results for the year, so let’s get straight to it!

10. Croc (Game Boy Color)

There’s nothing wrong with a good side scrolling adventure game. Throw in some pick-ups and mini-games and you can have yourself a great game. Unfortunately, things like bad controls can really ruin the experience. In this case, you can pair bad controls with weird movements on the screen and you got yourself a pretty mediocre experience.
Score: 54%

9. Rampage World Tour (Game Boy Color)

This is one of those games that starts off with a pretty good premise for a game. The concept can set this game up for success very easily. Unfortunately, the stripped down nature combined with repetitive play just didn’t work out well for this game. As a result, the execution made this game appear on this list.
Score: 54%

8. Bugs Bunny: Crazy Castle 3 (Game Boy Color)

Sometimes, the game’s length isn’t a problem in and of itself. Unfortunately for this game, the repetitive play and extended number of levels made this game feel extremely drawn out. With nothing all that distinctive about the levels themselves outside of the world it resides in, this game just didn’t stand up well to scrutiny.
Score: 52%

7. Pitfall: Beyond the Jungle (Game Boy Color)

A throwback game can really bring out the nostalgia in older gamers. Unfortunately, this game also included the high degree of difficulty that came with earlier games. While so much was upgraded for a more modern experience, the difficulty reared its ugly head and dragged this game back into the abyss.
Score: 52%

6. Centipede (Game Boy Color)

Another throwback game. This time, the problem lies with the lack of innovation. Because of this, the game just winds up being outdated and only appealing to players who already like the game and like it just the way it is no matter what year its released in.
Score: 52%

5. Q-Bert (Game Boy Color)

Throwback titles continue to be a theme for this list as we work our way into the top 5. This time, a lack of features is what did this game in. While level design has been somewhat reworked, this game ends up being just a mediocre play.
Score: 50%

4. 1942 (Game Boy Color)

So, you may ask yourself: what’s worse than a game that has a lack of features or fails to really innovate much? How about a complete lack of innovation with absolute garbage audio? Games like this just prove that “(insert game title here), but in a portable environment!” isn’t necessarily enough to be impressive. With dated and drawn out gameplay, this game manages to flop pretty hard.
Score: 44%

3. Galaga: Destination Earth (Game Boy Color)

Making it into the top three is yet another throwback title. For this game, the problem revolves around an exceedingly wide play space that is hard to keep up with. With a mess of colored pixels making it hard to tell what is going on, this game really did fail to impress.
Score: 40%

2. Klax (Game Boy Color)

Just missing the title for worst game we’ve reviewed this year is this title. The gameplay here is so repetitive and mind-numbing, it’s enough to put players to sleep or lose track of what exactly it is that they’re doing. While being unique is an admirable quality in a game, the lack of entertainment value pretty much sealed this games fate to being so high up the list this year.
Score: 38%

1. Klustar (Game Boy Color)

Of course, there can be only one title to take the top spot. This year, one game stood out by a mile as the worst game we’ve reviewed this year. The worst game this year is awarded to the game that barely even makes any sense. Compounding the problem is a lack of features and absolutely abysmal graphics. Yeah, it was no contest which game was the worst this year.
Score: 28%

Honorable Mentions

Once again, this year featured a number of pretty bland titles that didn’t quite make the cut. Here are five games worthy of a hat tip to for being, well, not that great.

Super Thunder Blade (Sega Genesis):
This game barely makes the list for it’s high difficulty and lack of features. While it’s great that it manages to take place in a 3D environment, that only takes this game so far as it crashes and burns just like the helicopter you pilot in in this game.
Score: 58%

Midway Presents Arcade Hits: Joust / Defender (Game Boy Color):
A title with the rather funky score thanks to the average between the two games working out this way. Just because there are two classic games out there smashed into one game pack doesn’t mean players will be in for a good time. While these games may be playable in the past, it doesn’t mean that they are still up to more modern standards years later.
Score: 57%

Frogger (Game Boy Color):
What is up with the throwback titles anyway? We’re not sure. Still, this title didn’t really perform well for the same reasons other throwback titles didn’t work out. Too little innovation and outdated gameplay.
Score: 56%

Grand Theft Auto (Game Boy Color):
This game shows that early versions of legendary titles doesn’t necessarily mean a great time. Buggy gameplay and archaic controls just did this game no favors.
Score: 56%

Wario Land II (Game Boy Color):
Wario Land 1? Pretty good. Wario Land 3? A great title. Between these two games sits Wario Land II. The game that didn’t quite make the cut this year is this title which strips out a bunch of features and leaves gameplay repetitive and boring. As far as we’re concerned, this game is a series stumble for the series.
Score: 54%

That’s it for this years list. Join us tomorrow as we unveil the top 10 great games list of 2021!

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