Review: Tetris DX (Game Boy Color)

In this review, we beg the game for that elusive line piece in the game Tetris DX. We find out if this game is a great follow-up to the original Game Boy version.

Review: Tetris (Gameboy)

By Drew Wilson Tetris is a puzzle game with many different versions. In this review, we check out one of the most classic versions of this game: the one released on the original Gameboy. We check out this version and see how worth it this game is to play today.

Review: Tetris (NES)

By Drew Wilson Tetris is one of those puzzle games with countless versions, but for players that got their start gaming on the regular Nintendo, this was probably their first encounter of the seemingly immortal game Tetris. We take a look at this extremely early version to see how well it stacks up today.

Review: The New Tetris (N64)

By Drew Wilson The New Tetris is one of way too many interpretations of Tetris. It attempts to take the old concept of Tetris that really is quite timeless and add a, as the title suggests, a “new” twist to it. We see if this new twist is worth looking at.