Announcement: The March 2021 Wiki Content Patch

It’s been a very busy month on the Wiki this month. We take a look at what has been added for the month of March.

Things are continuing to roll along on Freezenet’s official Wiki. For the month of February, we noted how we started the background work for The Future Sound of Egypt. The last element we added was the index for the show itself.

This month, we have generated the largest patch we have generated in a while now. This month, we added the first 291 episodes for the Future Sound of Egypt. Initially, we thought every episode was two hours long. This was when we looked at the first episode, about 20 episodes in, at around episode 500 and the latest episode at the time. Every episode was 2 hours long. So, we simply multiplied the total number by two to get a rough estimate of how many hours there are (rough because we knew specials would easily go over 2 hours). While that is definitely a reasonable way of checking, that check, for the first time, turned out to be wrong.

As it turns out, the show started as a monthly show. That explains why the first several shows were two hours long. However, the show then went to a weekly show on April 7, 2008. This is episode 026. As you can tell by the page, the show is actually only 1 hour long at that point. From there, the show kept up the 1 hour show all the way up to episode 500. After that, the show then became a weekly two hour show. So, our initial math was wrong and the new math suggests that the total documented hours is actually going to be at least 914 (50 hours for the initial 25 episodes plus 474 hours for the one hour shows plus 390 for episodes 500-695). Still an incredibly large number of hours, but not quite well over 1,000 as initially calculated.

Now, math error aside, what have we actually accomplished this month. Well, we actually got the first 291 episodes archived. That alone totals 316 hours worth of documented music. In addition to that, we got episodes 690 to 695. So, in all, we got a total of at least 328 hours worth of added documented music. That doesn’t even include the added hours from the number of specials we’ve also posted along the way. So, a huge amount of added content this month. Though we’re not even half way through this show, we got quite a chunk of the work done already.

In addition to that, we also updated the archives for Resonation, Fables, Random Movement Podcast, and V Recordings Podcast as well.

We hope you enjoy this huge amount of added material and we hope to continue to add to our growing database of musical knowledge!

Also, as an added bonus, for those of you who are on super wide screens browsing the posts or the archives of this site, you might have noticed that the footer didn’t quite display right on the main site. As it turns out, I simply missed a single line of code that should have been added when I coded the new version of the theme (a simple div class to be more precise). So, I added the line and now the site should have two less bugs in it. Hooray!

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