Announcement: The February 2021 Wiki Content Patch

The expansions just keep on happening for our very own Wiki. We take a look at what has been added for the month of February.

Last month, we noted that we are now on year two of this Wiki project. At this point, we can safely say that we aren’t slowing down at all. The Wiki is continuing to expand and offer even more great content both new and old.

This month, we managed to release a February mini-update. In that update, we noted how we completed the V Recordings Podcast archive. This represents our 8th show we’ve added to the Wiki. It also represents our second drum and bass show we are showcasing here.

Since then, we’ve been putting a lot of work into the Wiki. This month, we’ve also added the page for Aly & Fila. This is another well known trance artist that has a long history of releasing quality music. It took a bit to not only document their discography information, but also get everything in the Wiki mentioning them linked up for faster access on the fly.

In addition to that, we have also completed the FSOE Recorings label. It’s a label that features over 1,000 releases, so documenting everything took quite a bit of effort. Just like the artist page, we completed the linking portion of the project as well. Every mention, including mentions that were somewhat poorly made, have been edited and nicely linked.

As you can imagine, we are heading into another podcast archive project. This one will be for the Future Sound of Egypt. It’s a larger project covering nearly 700 episodes spanning nearly 1,400 hours worth of music. Well, that is what the next archive project entails at this point in time. We are very interested in adding this show and, although it’ll likely take a while, we are willing to give archiving this show a shot. The only thing we have to do at this page before we begin is generate an index page. That page will be generated shortly after this posting.

In the mean time, we hope you enjoy everything we have added to the Wiki this month. We are definitely looking forward to expanding the offerings in the future as well. Enjoy everyone!

Edit: The index page is now available. You can now check out everything we’ve archived for the podcast, Future Sound of Egypt, directly. Enjoy!

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