Announcement: The April 2021 Wiki Content Patch

More content continues to be added to the Wiki. we go over what all has been added to the Wiki for the month of April.

The official Wiki is continuing to expand. Last month’s patch consisted of us getting quite a sizable start on the show, Future Sound of Egypt.

This month, progress continues to be made. We’ve archived the first 349 episodes with a partial archiving of the episode, 350. While this is still a nice sizable jump in episodes archived, you might be thinking that this is fewer episodes than last month. Well, the simple explanation is that this latest patch houses some rather lengthy specials. 350 is one of them and 300 is another one.

In our experience of archiving special episodes, most of the time, this consists of either a few extra hours of play or a whole day event. That’s not what happened with those two specials. Rather than a whole day event, these episodes were whole month long festivals with guest mixes in many different locations around the world. Up to now, I’ve never really encountered anything quite like that and this sort of thing appears to be, well, uncommon. So, when I got hit with two month long festivals, well, progress obviously slowed in terms of episodes being archived. It’s… a lot of work putting the information together. We’re going to do it, it’s just that it’s going to take a little longer than anticipated.

On a side note, I probably am thinking the same thing you are thinking. That thought being, “How can people party for one month straight?” I personally don’t have an answer for that either.

To add to that, we also managed to get some of the latest episodes archived as well. Starting with episode 690, our archive goes all the way up to the latest episode, 699. This is an effort to keep up with the latest episodes for you as well.

As usual, we also updated the archives for Resonation, Fables, Random Movement Podcast, and V Recordings Podcast as well.

We hope you enjoy these latest additions to the archive and look forward to adding even more in the future! Enjoy!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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