Announcement: The November 2022 Wiki Content Patch

We now take a look at what we’ve added to the Wiki over the last month. This is for the month of November.

November and December have been, by no means, pleasant months for maintaining various projects around here. Nevertheless, though, we are forging ahead. For those wondering if I had forgotten about the Wiki this month, the truth is that I haven’t forgotten it at all! It was just a case of squeezing this project in with everything else. Finally, I was able to squeeze this in with everything else.

Last month, the patch was rather basic. While there was some hope that I could find more time to get more content in. Well, that didn’t quite work out as well as I thought it would. Still, I was able to get the basic updates up.

The basic updates are, well, all the latest shows for the ongoing shows on the Wiki. That list is definitely growing. With when this update was posted, it required posting a few more shows than normal as we are well into December already. At any rate, the latest episodes have been posted for Group Therapy, Future Sound of Egypt, Fables, Resonation, the V Recordings Podcast, and Synth City.

Interestingly enough now new episode for the Random Movement Podcast this month, so this show remains up to date as well.

While this is a smaller update, there was some good music added this month. Plus, this update features many additional hours, so, hopefully, that wil tide you over for the next update.

I hope you enjoy the latest additions and look forward to adding even more content in the future!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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