Top 10 Best Games Reviewed in 2020

Today, we lead into the new year with a look back to what made last year so great as far as video games are concerned. So, we decide to continue our yearly tradition by counting down the top 10 greatest games we’ve reviewed this year.

2020 saw some pretty interesting highs. This list celebrates those highs. Before we get into the list, we wanted to give some special shoutouts to some games that are notable in their own way.

Last year, we focused our attention to 1983 and looked back at some of the greatest games released that year. We then awarded Dig Dug the 1983 game of the year. That title remains intact, but this year, we found a game that scored just as high for that year. We would like to salute the game Vanguard for managing to statistically tie the game. This excellent side scrolling shooter now shares the title with Dig Dug for game of the year for 1983. A big congratulations for the developers of that game.

With that, we’d like to offer an additional shoutout to another game. This time, we turn the clock forward a little to the year 1991. This is the year where handheld games really began to take off into the mainstream. The libraries were developing and becoming a major force. At the same time, the SNES also hit the market and would be another system that would dominate the market.

That year, we saw some great games such as Operation C (which scored a great 82%) and Sega’s more famous game, Sonic the Hedgehog (which scored an impressive 88%). While it is possible to have an amazing time with those games, there is one game we are happy to crown the game of the year. If you lived in this era, it is almost impossible for hardcore gamers to have not heard of this game. That’s right, the winning game for 1991 is non other than the SNES launch title, Super Mario World. This game scored an amazing, and well deserved, 94%. What a way to have a system enter the marketplace with a bang. So, a big congratulations goes out to the developers of that game.

That is a lot of great gaming right there and we haven’t even gotten to this years top 10 list. So, let’s keep the momentum going with this years top 10 countdown list:

10. Vegas Stakes (Game Boy)
The SNES version of this game won last years top 10 list. While this port is somewhat stripped down version, there is a lot of features that made the SNES version so great that are still intact. In fact, random encounters with different people have been both tweaked and improved. With so much choice, this game still makes the top 10 list with good reason. A well produced gambling game.
Score: 80%

9. Paperboy (Game Boy)
For older gamers today, this game is very easily recognizable. This game became famous for its unique quality and fun style of gameplay. This port manages to retain a lot of what made the original version so great in the first place. A highly recommended game that does, in fact, live up to the hype.
Score: 80%

8. Snow Bros Jr. (Game Boy)
This game did very well here when we tried the NES version. It’s great to see a portable version that is just as entertaining. While things are tweaked a little to compensate for the smaller screen and more limited technology, this game still manages to pack a lot of fun. Another highly enjoyable game that I would recommend.
Score: 80%

7. Boggle Plus (Game Boy)
It is probably the biggest surprise for us. This word game manages to take the physical version and condense it down into a portable device. Save the pencils and paper and give this one a try. Not only can you set the games length, but you can also set the difficulty of opponents as well. With multiple different games to pick from including some exclusives, this earns its spot on the list.
Score: 80%

6. Operation C (Game Boy)
You may not immediately recognize the title, but one look at the box and you’ll immediately know the franchise. Operation C takes what makes the famous NES title great and condenses it down into the small screen. How this game manages to retain so much of what more powerful systems are capable off is very impressive.
Score: 82%

5. Missile Command (Atari 2600)
We now enter the top 5 list with one of the classics from the Atari era of gaming. This game shows that simplicity can be part of a winning formula for a game. With an easy to understand system and great learning curve, this game lives up to the reputation of its famous arcade counterpart.
Score: 84%

4. Montezuma’s Revenge (Atari 5200)
This is one of those games I simply never heard of before. When I played this game, it gradually became clear why this is such an impressive game. With the help of a well thought out difficulty curve, players can experience a lot. The quantity of quality gameplay found here is quite stunning for the system it is on. To add to this, you have a well done item system. It’s a game so impressive, you would almost think you were playing an NES game.

3. Moon Patrol (Atari 5200)
This years top 3 list starts off with this gem. The impressive graphics alone are enough to earn it praise. What makes this game even better is the respawn system that allows players to keep exploring further and further into the game. The impressive variety in levels doesn’t hurt things either. A great game to be sure.
Score: 84%

2. Super Mario Advance 2 (Game Boy Advance)
This game takes Super Mario World from the SNES and compresses it down into a handheld system. It also throws in the classic Super Mario bros. game found in the previous Advance title. The end result is a game totally worth playing. While you are probably better off playing the SNES version, this game is still a great game to play. When the SNES version isn’t available, definitely give this game a try. You won’t regret it.
Score: 84%

1. Vanguard (Atari 5200)
This years winner also happens to be a game of the year winner. How about that? This side scrolling shooter is certainly a memorable one. With numerous different levels as well as items you can collect, you can be forgiven for not realizing just how old this game truly is. The audio and the graphics really helped bring this game over the top to claim this years top spot. A game that truly deserves the winning spot to say the least.
Score: 88%

That concludes probably the closest top 10 list we’ve seen yet. A mere 8% of 4 points separates first from last. Definitely an exciting year this year and we look forward to playing more games in the new year. Until then, we hope you have had as much fun reading these lists as much as we have. Stick with us, we count down the top 10 list for best music tomorrow.

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