Man Receives DMCA Notice Over His Personal Work from Sony

False DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown notices have become an all too common occurrence in the US. Recently, a man received a DMCA takedown over a video he created and published and subsequently licensed to Sony. The DMCA notice was sent by non other than Sony.

There’s a Reason Why They Called it ‘Sownage’

May and June of 2011 may be two months Sony would rather forget. It’s pretty much next to impossible to really track just how many times the multinational company was hacked. Still, that doesn’t mean there are efforts out there to show just how much the company got hacked.

PSN Outage: Day 10.5 – Sony’s Press Conference and More

After a long and, for many, painful 11 days, Sony has held a long awaited press conference to explain what happened during the outage, whether or not credit cards were stolen, who all is involved in fixing this issue and when the network will be back up and running.