PSN Outage: Day 8 – Governments Get Involved Over Data Breach Fears

Day 8 of the PSN outage. It appears that fears have been intensifying over the massive data breach where 70-77 million credit cards were stolen. After a class action lawsuit was launched against Sony, both the US and UK governments have expressed concern over this incident amid the growing concern over the lasting effects of

PSPGo Hacked – ISOLoader Successfully Installed

Sony may have hoped 2011 would see new hopes and high expectations, but so far, it may have been downright painful so far. On the heals of the discovery of the root key in the PlayStation 3, another hacker was busy successfully installing an ISOLoader on the portable PSPGo.

Sony CEO – The Internet? Nothing Good Has Ever Come Out of There!

Many would argue that it’s up to the record industry to somehow reconcile with new technology, like the internet, instead of fighting it. As if to reinforce the stereotype that the record labels just hate the internet altogether, a CEO from Sony pretty much said just that in a recent forum.

European Commission Clears Sony BMG Merger

For years, advocates have suggested that the big four major record labels operate like a monopoly. The latest news on the joint venture known as Sony BMG might not help alleviate these accusations.