Review: Tetris DX (Game Boy Color)

In this review, we beg the game for that elusive line piece in the game Tetris DX. We find out if this game is a great follow-up to the original Game Boy version.

Top 10 Best Games Reviewed in 2015

Yesterday, we delivered you the top 10 worst games we’ve reviewed in 2015. Now that we are in the new year, we decided to offer you what was the best games we’ve reviewed in 2015.

Review: Diddy Kong Racing (N64)

In this review, we check out the racing game Diddy Kong Racing as released for the Nintendo 64. This game more or less falls into the series of Donkey Kong games in an indirect way mainly because the featured character is Diddy Kong.

Review: Dr. Mario (NES)

By Drew Wilson Released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Dr. Mario follows a long line of puzzle games that involves controlling falling objects inside a receptacle. Is this game worth trying out?