Australian Goverment Mulls Allowing Authorities to Hack Your Computer

There’s some rather scary news coming from Australia right now. The Australian government is considering sweeping new surveillance powers which includes the surveillance of social networking sites and data retention. While that isn’t exactly novel, buried in the proposal is a provision that would allow police to hack your computer for the purposes of gathering

The Face That Launched Anonymous’ War on PayPal

PayPal may be convenient for some in the online world, but Anonymous doesn’t see anything convenient about some of its recent activities. There’s now seemingly a full-scale war between the company and the collective and neither side is backing down.

LulzSec Ridicules The Jester

Earlier this morning, we reported on Th3J35t3r (The Jester) exposing LulzSec member Sabu. LulzSec responded by belittling his efforts to take down Jihadist websites and rewriting one of his scripts.

LulzSec to Dump Classified Government Content onto The Pirate Bay

Earlier today, we reported that LulzSec and Anonymous joined forces to create “operation AntiSec” (Anti-Security) which would target the government. Tonight, we can report on some new details regarding the plan and how “Operation AntiSec” is gaining some additional help from other hacking groups.

LulzSec and Anonymous Team Up, Sets Their Sights on the US Government

LulzSec already hacked FBI affiliate Infragard once, but that might not be the only time the US government might face hacking. LulzSec has issued a statement on PasteBin saying that they are teaming up with Anonymous in operation “AntiSec” which aims to “steal and leak any classified government information”

Editorial: Should We Thank the Hackers for These Security Breaches?

For the past few months or so, there have been numerous stories about security breaches. Earlier in the saga of security breaches, Sony wound up becoming the centre of attention for people breaking in to whatever system Sony had some control over whether it be their network, their website or a host of other hacks.

Chinese USB Wifi Crackers Make Three Strikes Laws Obsolete?

With many countries considering a three strikes law, it’s interesting how privacy and copyright can go hand in hand online. With China’s notoriety for online censorship, it’s only interesting that a new product is out in the Chinese market that allows for easy Wi-Fi hacking.