LulzSec and Anonymous Team Up, Sets Their Sights on the US Government

LulzSec already hacked FBI affiliate Infragard once, but that might not be the only time the US government might face hacking. LulzSec has issued a statement on PasteBin saying that they are teaming up with Anonymous in operation “AntiSec” which aims to “steal and leak any classified government information”

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

It’s fairly difficult to follow the news and not hear about LulzSec or Anonymous at one point or another. Each one has wound up building up their fame through their hacking exploits as of late whether it’s through hacking Sony or DDOS attacking government institutions from various countries. Now, both groups are teaming up and plan on targeting the US government.

“Welcome to Operation Anti-Security (#AntiSec) – we encourage any vessel, large or small, to open fire on any government or agency that crosses their path.” A statement reads. It continues, “We fully endorse the flaunting of the word “AntiSec” on any government website defacement or physical graffiti art. We encourage you to spread the word of AntiSec far and wide, for it will be remembered. To increase efforts, we are now teaming up with the Anonymous collective and all affiliated battleships.”

“Whether you’re sailing with us or against us, whether you hold past grudges or a burning desire to sink our lone ship, we invite you to join the rebellion. Together we can defend ourselves so that our privacy is not overrun by profiteering gluttons. Your hat can be white, gray or black, your skin and race are not important. If you’re aware of the corruption, expose it now, in the name of Anti-Security.”

“Top priority is to steal and leak any classified government information, including email spools and documentation. Prime targets are banks and other high-ranking establishments. If they try to censor our progress, we will obliterate the censor with cannonfire anointed with lizard blood.”

It’s interesting given that last month, the US government commented on their “cyber-security” plans last month saying, “Our Nation is at risk. The cybersecurity vulnerabilities in our government and critical infrastructure are a risk to national security, public safety, and economic prosperity. The Administration has responded to Congress’ call for input on the cybersecurity legislation that our Nation needs, and we look forward to engaging with Congress as they move forward on this issue.”

Meanwhile, there is growing criticisms of the government for being unable to keep up with any threat it faces.

Conspiracy theories are starting to circulate in all of this. One theory is that LulzSec is merely a secret arm of the government to some extent. LulzSec is also on the receiving end of criticism with some arguing that the government will simply lock down further with tougher laws which, in turn, will hurt some of the objectives in keeping the government open and honest.

At this stage, I think it’s really hard to tell how things will play out. Will this effort against the government prove to be successful? Will this effort simply fade away? Will some people involved wind up getting arrested as a result of their effort? I think it’s really all up in the air at this point.

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