Dutch Government Proposes Bill to Hack Your Computer

By Drew Wilson The Dutch government is proposing a bill that would allow the government to hack anyone’s computer – including those located outside of the Netherlands. The bill was signed by Ivo Opstelten and published. There has been no shortage of hacking going around in the last few years, but is it right that

Australian Goverment Mulls Allowing Authorities to Hack Your Computer

There’s some rather scary news coming from Australia right now. The Australian government is considering sweeping new surveillance powers which includes the surveillance of social networking sites and data retention. While that isn’t exactly novel, buried in the proposal is a provision that would allow police to hack your computer for the purposes of gathering

The Face That Launched Anonymous’ War on PayPal

PayPal may be convenient for some in the online world, but Anonymous doesn’t see anything convenient about some of its recent activities. There’s now seemingly a full-scale war between the company and the collective and neither side is backing down.