LulzSec Ridicules The Jester

Earlier this morning, we reported on Th3J35t3r (The Jester) exposing LulzSec member Sabu. LulzSec responded by belittling his efforts to take down Jihadist websites and rewriting one of his scripts.

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

The war between LulzSec and those who disagree with them has been intensifying for the last few days. We noted other people’s efforts to infiltrate LulzSec rather sceptically including TeaMpOisoN and WebNinja. The Jester is just the latest taking up arms against the hacking group.

The Jester has been putting forth an effort to expose one member of LulzSec, Sabu and even posted chatlogs of their activities.

LulzSec, in return, did what seems quite characteristic of LulzSec and belittled The Jester. In a posting on PasteBin entitled “Humble Thoughts on The Jester”, LulzSec referred to the Jester as a “rather bland and seemingly schizophrenic individual”

LulzSec went further by belittling The Jester’s efforts to take down Jihadist websites, describing it as DoS attacking the sites and taking them down for 30 minutes at a time. LulzSec says that they have a number of things in common with The Jester with “one critical difference: delivery”.

More from Pastebin:

We’ll not brag too much of our accomplishments, as they speak for themselves on our releases page. 2 months of mayhem with more to come – we declared war on the police and hundreds of internal police documents are released in the same week. ‘Nuff said.

Jester has declared war on terrorism for 18 months, but we’re not seeing a single scrap of insider terrorist information on his twitter or blog. As far as we can tell, there have been zero real terrorists apprehended or harmed in any way because of Jester. If anything, Jester’s extremely limited attacks are only giving more attention to sites nobody would know existed if he didn’t try to DoS them. He’s probably responsible for training more terrorists than stopping existing ones.

To further their knock on The Jester, LulzSec rewrote one of his PHP scripts, reducing it from 60 lines to 3 while questioning his coding skills.

Obviously, this is a big effort to get under The Jester’s skin. In fact, I’m not sure if there was much more that could have been done in a single posting to irritate him further. I think that if there wasn’t further hacker on hacker warfare between LulzSec and others, I would be very surprised.

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