Review: Toby Emerson feat. Dwizz – Trippin’ On Lust (Original Mix) (House)

This review covers the electro progressive house track Toby Emerson feat. Dwizz – Trippin’ On Lust (Original Mix).

This track was released in 2009 along with a Dub Mix and track Secret Life. We previously reviewed the track Secret Life (Original Mix). That track scored a very respectable 7.5/10. So, we though we’d review this track to see how it plays.

The track starts off with some general effects. Thus is followed up with a filtered sweep laced with a voice sample. After that, there’s an interestingly automated bassline with some constantly shifting resonance.

The track then builds up with some effects as well as some chopped vocals. After the breakdown, the use of rap vocals. This is layered nicely with a long slide – probably one of the few times I still fully approve of this in electro house. The rap vocals continue after the buildup. This is followed up with some more chopped vocals.

A second breakdown is heard before there’s more rap vocals. There’s some guitar elements thrown in as well at some point. After some effects are added to the vocals, there’s a layered synth melody. This nicely counterbalances the vocal elements of this track.

The track then starts the final breakdown with some EQ effects on the bassline. After that, there is a final breakdown in the track.

What I really like about the track is the rhythm. Even when there’s little more than vocals in the track, the rhythm is still present. It’s a kind of implied rhythm which I don’t often hear in a track. Because of the strong rhythm throughout the track, this becomes the tracks biggest strength.

I also really like the rap elements. This is, of course, not something that I say all that often as I don’t generally listen to rap music that often. so, I think it really speaks to the strength of the rap elements if a non-rap fan can really enjoy it. It works so well in this track.

The melody doesn’t last long, but I think it still manages to offer excellent balance throughout the track. It works so well even though it doesn’t last all that long.

Overall, this is a great track. It has great rap elements. The strong rhythm works very well. There is even the inclusion of a sort of implied rhythm in some places. The short melody balances thing out very well. So, an overall great track as far as I’m concerned.


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