Review: Three Drives – Automatic City (Fast Distance Remix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Three Drives – Automatic City (Fast Distance Remix).

This track was released in 2009 as a single along with three other tracks.

One thing I really like is the overall audio atmosphere this track has. The different sounds employed both in melody and effects just add that full sound that is capable of taking you on some kind of journey. Ever sound seems to fit nicely and nothing was overbearing or drowned out in any way.

Another big highlight for me is the way the track builds up and moves from portion to portion. The small variations in sound as the track progresses really does add quite a bit of quality. The breakdowns were really well realized here. The piano was such a nice touch in this case. It gave a lot of feeling to this track.

There is one unfortunate downside to this track. The main melody was quite simple. Sometimes, that can be a real source of strength for a track in that the melody is simple, yet catchy. In this case, the simplicity actually limited the quality listening experience one can have on this track. It was a bit overly simple in that it was effectively 3 or 4 notes that repeat. If there was more to that main melody, I probably would have called this a great track – or maybe even a top 10 worthy track depending on how well a more complex melody would have worked out.

Still, this track is a very solid listening experience. There’s plenty to enjoy about this track. The way it progressed was quite brilliant in my view. Overall, it get’s a thumbs up from me and is one of the closest I’ve ever come to giving a track an 8 without actually giving it.


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