Review: Temple City – Worlds Apart (Trance Mix) (Uptempo)

This review covers the uptempo track Temple City – Worlds Apart (Trance Mix).

According to metadata, this track was released in 2005. Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm the release date beyond this. Contrary to what the mix name is, this is definitely an uptempo track and not a trance track.

The first thing that sticks out for me in this track is definitely the lyrics. There is a real emphasis on personal separation as suggested by the title. The sense of longing is definitely prevalent throughout the track.

The vocals, a good portion of it vocoded, is definitely the next thing noticeable in this track. I thought the vocoded portions were very nicely done. The rest was also quite well done too.

The overall sound throughout the track was also very well done. The synths, pads, bass, and overall sound atmosphere was quite well done and does do a very good job at backing the vocals. This track does have a very nicely done flow throughout as well.

Overall, I would say this was a great track to listen to. The non-vocoded vocals was the weakest part of the track, but those were good anyway. The rest of this track was great overall. Definitely a recommended track to listen to.


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