Review: SSH – FF6 – Decisive Battle (Ver. 2) (Unverified) (Rock)

This review covers the rock track SSH – FF6 – Decisive Battle [Ver. 2].

We tried looking everywhere for the official release page. Unfortunately, all links pointing to anything from the original SSH site results in a 404. So, we couldn’t find the origin of this track, let alone the release date. However, having heard other SSH tracks, we have no reason to believe this isn’t a legitimate track even though there is a pack with a different sounding “Ver 2”. Some sources cite this as Version 2.01. This artist is known for releasing tracks online for free and a YouTube version is found here (Update February 22, 2020: Link dead, here’s an alternate link). Our best guess is that this was either released before 2011 or 2005.

This track is a remix of the decisive battle music found in Final Fantasy 6. We, conveniently enough, reviewed the SNES version. The original track from the game was simply awesome, so I nervously decided to hear this track as it would be almost impossible to imagine that track getting any better.

I got to say, this remix does seemingly the impossible and made this track simply stunning. It starts off incredibly strong and just gets better. Seriously, my jaw hit the ground when I heard this track. I love everything about this track.

My only criticism is that there isn’t a longer version out there. That doesn’t take away from how awesome this track is, though.

So, final thoughts, I’m speechless with how incredible this track is. It was only a year or so ago I heard this track and I found that I had a brand new favorite rock track. This is a “you have got to hear this track”. Flawless.


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