Review: David Cooper – Red Skies (Instrumental)

This review covers the instrumental track David Cooper – Red Skies.

This track was released in 2005 online for free.

A lot of David Cooper’s music relies heavily on simple guitars, but this track brings in a few additional instruments as you’ll notice in the beginning.

What I really like is the airy effects that were thrown in. It really helps push the sky image through sound. This was quite an effective element in this track.

The additional piano and chimes really does say red to me. As a result, there is that light sense of something ominous throughout the track, though it is subtle. I thought it was a bit surprising that this mood was not present in the artists description, but I also thought the dreamy description and phat drums were accurate as well.

The bass guitar does a very nice job at adding some warmth to this track.

Overall, this track does a great job at setting up a particular mood. Everything was nicely balanced and you really do get a sense of red skies through the sound. Definitely a track worth listening to and deserves a recommendation from me for those who like a more gentle sounding track. Great stuff.


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