Review: Sort of Expression – Evolva (Uptempo)

This review covers the uptempo track Sort of Expression – Evolva.

It is unclear when this track was originally released, but metadata obtained by Freezenet suggests that this was released December of 2005 for free. Unfortunately, we have no way of verifying this. It was re-released on sites like Grooveshark, however, that site was shut down.

One prominent feature of this track is the filtered drum kit. the filtering was probably done by some sort of equalizer as only the mid-range frequencies are really all that prominent. I thought this added an interesting feel to the track that worked in this tracks favor.

The gradual build-up also worked out nicely as it eventually went to a brief whispering voice sample and then into piano. The piano was well-realized and worked quite well in serving as one of the main melodies of this track.

The cello (or whatever stringed instrument that is) did well to serve as a bass. It also helped with the buildup.

The synth melody found throughout the track also worked nicely. It didn’t take up too much presence in the track, but it did add to what was already there.

Overall, this track was a very good track to chill out to. It has great flow, great musical elements, nicely done synth, and great overall effects. A great track overall.


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