Review: Royal Blood – Out of the Black (Rock)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the rock track Royal Blood – Out of the Black.

This particular track was released in 2014 as part of the Out of the Black EP.

What makes this band distinct is the fact that there are only two members: one on guitar and vocals and one on drums. For me, I don’t recall hearing very many two piece bands in my life, but this is one of those bands.

This track starts off with most of the assets the band has to offer – guitar and drums. There is some vocal talent that also eventually starts off this track before it eventually launches into the main chorus. From there, it seems to be a mixture of instrumental sound and the chorus all the way through the rest of the track.

As one can imagine, there is only so much a two piece band can do in the audio department. There can be a sound that is simple, yet catchy, or the sound can (very easily) sound very flat. Unfortunately, this track falls in the later category. Probably the only really positive thing to say is the voice work in the chorus. Since 75% of this track is just the chorus, I don’t think there really is much to this track that makes that chorus sound dynamic enough. The instrumental side of this track does try to make this track sound dynamic, but there is only a limited number of sounds that were simply thrown in.

It sounds like, in the recording, there is actually a guitar on chords and a guitar on bass. I’ve heard this track live and bass seemed to be removed. As a result, the track in live performances also sounds very dry as well.

In the end, the vocals try to sound indie by using a filter to make it sound like it comes from a megaphone, but this mainstream track just never cuts it in the end. This track has an overall flat sound, the vocals are very limited, and the instrumental side of things seems to lack much depth. As a result, this track is quite forgettable.



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