Review: Danny Byrd – Weird Science (Drum N Bass)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the track drum n bass track Danny Byrd – Weird Science.

This track was released in 2008 on the album Supersized.

The tracks off with a mixture of orchestral sounds, a quiet bitcrushed rise, and a layer of drum n bass. What makes this track distinct is the mixture of vocal and chopped samples that was liberally applied throughout the track. Another distinctive feature of this track was the sudden departure from drum n bass and move into a general chopped tech sound that seems to be more true to an experimental sound.

Generally speaking, this track is a very interesting journey through numerous types of sounds. While it incorporates all of these sounds, the use of the various vocal samples helps keep it all together. This track doesn’t get lost in sampling so many different things and is able to contain itself in the drum n bass genre. So, overall, this is definitely an interesting track to listen to. Definitely enjoyable.



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