Review: Binary Park – A Higher Mind (EBM)

This review covers the EBM track Binary Park – A Higher Mind.

This track was released in 2014 on the album Singularity.

One great element of this track was the vocals. It’s a bit difficult to describe them, but they have that soothing and relaxed tone in them. I thought they were a positive in this track.

The lyrics was an interesting juxtaposition to the vocals. They were basically talking about the mass extinction of humanity through assimilation. As a result, you almost get the sense of resignation.

The synth sounds throughout were also an interesting paring. It’s a mixture of soothing droning sounds and relaxed synth melodies. This was combined with subtle dubstep-like basslines. While an unlikely pairing, it actually works nicely in this track.

Overall, this is definitely one of those different tracks. It combines some unlikely elements into one track that actually sounds pretty good. There’s the soothing vocals that helped give the track a relaxing sound combined with lyrics that talk about the extinction of humanity through assimilation as if giving off the impression of resignation to fate. The other unlikely pairing was the relaxing synth pads and dubstep style basslines. Somehow, this track makes this all work. So, definitely worth the listen in my books.


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