Review: Maroon 5 – Maps (Pop)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the pop track Maroon 5 – Maps.

This particular track was released in 2014 as part of the album V.

I’ve heard about Maroon 5 for quite some time. Some call them edgy and different. Some call it alternative sounds. So, I was interested in hearing a track from an artist I’ve heard about for a while now.

After hearing this track, I do have one serious question, what was so edgy and different about this track compared to countless other pop tracks that tries to pass themselves off as the greatest music ever in modern times? To me, this track screams “cookie cutter”, not edgy and different.

The lyrics themselves made me think of a term “instant cliche”. I’m not sure if others have thought of it, but the term just pops to my mind. I’ve heard the chorus twice and by the time I heard about it a third time, I just thought, “OK, next track.” By the time I heard the chorus a fourth time, I wondered if the writer of the lyrics said one day, “Darn it, I’m completely out of ideas for music. Let’s play some Mad Libs and wrap a few lyrics around it and push it out the door.” I heard the chorus a fourth time and thought of the game Greatest Hits from Whose Line is it Anyway. There’s Ryan and Colin trying to think of songs of the explorer. Then, after some jokes, Colin says, “and nothing says songs of the explorer quite like that song (long pause)… mmmmmmmaps?” Then, Wayne laughs, then the music starts and he starts singing the lyrics of this song. Funny in that setting, not such a laughing matter when producing a song under more serious circumstances.

Positively speaking, the electronic sounds weren’t bad here. It’s not something I haven’t heard before, but I can tolerate it.

Overall, this track would have been very good, but the lyrics kind of ruins the song for me. So, for me, this track is merely passable.


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