Review: Kasparov & Evil Activities – Point of No Return (Hardcore)

This review covers the hardcore track Kasparov & Evil Activities – Point of No Return.

This track was released in 2012. It was released along with the track Around the World.

The track starts off with the hardstyle kick along with some synths and effects. It doesn’t take long before some vocal samples hit.

After a bit, the track gradually breaks down before an actual drop. The track then starts to build up with some lower key piano elements. This is backed by the main vocals. After a bit, some synth and a clap is added to the track. This builds helps build the track back up. In the final part of the buildup, the main kick gradually comes in.

When the climactic portion of the track hits, the vocals go away. Major synth hits for a bit before being joined by the vocals once again. The track goes back to a synth portion and forth to a final vocal portion. After this, the track gradually begins to break down with various elements taking up less and less of a presence. The track ends with one final blast of synth before that too fades away with a delay effect.

One positive in this track are the vocals. The voicework definitely gives the track a mood that nicely compliments the hardstyle elements found throughout the track. That mood, of course, being a rather twisted, yet energized one.

The synth used is nicely done. It breaks the track up nicely, has some great melodies, and even compliments the vocals. The addition of the more subtle choir elements is a nice touch as well.

The only thing I’m not really sure about are the lyrics. I thought the lyrics fell a little flat. There is meaning there, but the meaning is a bit on the thin side. The voicework does a very good job at concealing this weakness in the track as they make this weakness harder to notice. Still, it is a weakness in the track as far a I’m concerned.

Overall, this is a pretty solid track. The voicework is spot on and helps give the track a well realized mood. The synth melodies nicely compliments the vocals as well. The lyrics are a bit on the flat side as far as I’m concerned, but other elements in the track do cover this weakness up well. An overall pretty good track.


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