Number of Expected Article 13 Protests Continues to Climb

As we get closer to March 23, it seems the number of protests expected on the streets are continuing to climb.

We are now 10 days away from the pan-Europe day of action against Article 13. A few days ago, we checked in on the status of the expected protests. At the time, the numbers seemingly ballooned, more than doubling previous numbers.

Today, we checked in again, but this time, on a different source. It seems that the number of expected protests we last saw was just a preview. Now, well, we’ll just let the screen shot speak for itself:

There are now so many protests, we can’t even count them all. Large chunks of Europe are now a massive wallpaper of different tags of where protests are going to be. Obviously, it’s hard to tell how big the protests are going to be, but this is definitely a sign that European’s are not happy with the laws one bit.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation in Europe and bring you news as things develop.

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