EDRI Offers Travel Grants to Those Wanting to #SaveYourInternet

The European Digital Rights (EDRi) organization is now offering travel grants for those hoping to oppose Article 13.

While opposition continues to grow by the day, whether it’s on the streets or online, it seems that travel may gradually become an issue. Not everyone opposed to the legislation is able to afford to meet their MEP’s in person.

Well, with the very future of the Internet in Europe hanging in the balance, digital rights advocates are not taking any chances. For most in Europe, it’s all hands on deck regardless of personal background. One organization, the EDRi, has announced that they are offering travel grants to those wishing to speak to their representatives in person. From the announcement:

Despite wide criticism from all parts of society, the resulting text on Article 13 is the worst we have read so far and EU citizens will need to speak up to stop it by asking to reject upload filters in the copyright Directive.

This is why we are launching a travel grant for activists willing to travel, meet with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and ask them to vote against upload filters.

What would the grant cover?

* The grant would cover travel costs of up to 350€ (including local transport in Strasbourg/Brussels) plus accommodation costs of up to 50€ per night (max. two nights).

* The grants will be given on a first come, first served basis. However, we will select applicants based on their advocacy experience, civil society background and knowledge of the issues at stake.

* If you don’t have the capacity to pay in advance, we could arrange buying the ticket and book the rooms for you (exceptionally).

The organization went further by offering workshops for people so they can speak more effectively with their representatives as well. The deadline is March 14, so it is fast approaching. Full instructions are found on the organizations website.

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