Review: Italobrothers – Stamp on the Ground (Jumpstyle)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the jumpstyle track Italobrothers – Stamp on the Ground.

This particular track was released on the web for free streaming in 2009. It would ultimately be one of many success stories where an artist used the Internet as a promotional tool as the track quickly became very well known after its initial release.

Jumpstyle isn’t something we have covered here on Freezenet yet, but it is certainly an interesting genre. This particular track has a number of things I like about it and a number of things I wasn’t a huge fan of.

First of all, I really liked the positive vibe found in this track. You can really sense the overall playful and positive nature of this track just from the synthesizers, effects, and the way this track is sung. The overall sound projected that emotion extremely well.

Another thing I liked about the track was the way it was sung. I felt that this really adds a nice, with lack of a better word, flavor to the track that I don’t personally hear all that often.

The only thing that set this track back was that some of the lyrics was a little on the cliche side. The portions that were cliche’s in music were sprinkled around and gave this track a somewhat worn feel to it.

Overall, this track has a lot going for it with a few worn edges on it. Still, I think this was an overall really good track to listen to. In spite of the cliche’s, this was a fun track to listen to.



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