Review: Psycraft – Computech (X-Noize Remix) (Psytrance)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the psytrance track Psycraft – Computech (X-Noize Remix).

This track was released as part of a compilation album called Global Composition in 2008.

This particular track has a number of really neat elements to it. Towards the beginning, one feature is a sample talking about technology. What’s good about the intro is that it only gets drawn out in a subtle fashion. There are plenty of effects that keeps this track going nicely. The second half features a very pronounced sample which has numerous effects thrown in that really helps bring the sample to life. That is really saying something because the sample alone has more than enough life on its own.

My main concern about this track is that the voice samples that were put into this track can seem overpowering. It more or less sucks the life out of the rest of the track. For the portions of the track that didn’t contain voice samples, there were moments that were decent enough. Then, suddenly, you have a very pronounced voice sample that suddenly becomes not only the focal point of the track, but also the most memorable part of the track. If you remember this track by anything, was it how great the melody is? Was it because it had a distinct bassline? Was it simply because the artist happened to find a really good sample or two? If the yes answer in this case is the last question, I think that can be a bit of a problem for the track itself.

That’s not to say that this wasn’t a well produced track, though. I thought that what came out of this track was a really good listening experience. Nothing had too much velocity put into it. The elements put into this track added to the overall listening experience instead of detracted from it.

Having said all of that, I think this was a pretty solid track. The production value was pretty good, but the sample was excellent and, as a result, did detract a little from the rest of the production quality, but the track was still a pretty good listening experience.



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