Review: In-Panic vs. Bubble – Imitation of Life (Psytrance)

This review covers the psytrance track In-Panic vs. Bubble – Imitation of Life.

This track was released in 2006 on the Monkey Mission album. It was also later released for free streaming in 2010.

Probably the biggest thing that stands out for me are the voice samples. The samples were definitely taken from the iRobot and the interrogation feel really comes through in the track throughout. The samples also seem to have been somewhat stretched to be slightly higher pitched. Overall, the samples worked quite well to make this an interesting track to listen to.

The most prominent melody also added quite a lot in this track. This melody was backed by what sound like 404 synth effects as well as a guitar that makes occasional appearances throughout the track. I thought those added a nicely to the overall listening experience.

I thought that the breakbeat parts also added a little extra to the listening experience. There isn’t just the standard kick and hihat to hear in this track, though that is quite prominent as you would expect.

Overall, this was a great track to listen to. There was plenty of things in this track to listen to throughout and everything combined in this track made for quite the listening experience. No real downsides to this track, so I would say that this was ultimately a great listen.


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