Review: ParagonX9 – Chaoz Devotion (Drum N Bass)

This review covers the track ParagonX9 – Chaoz Devotion.

This track was released in 2004 for free. For quite some time years ago, when people visited the NewGrounds audio portal, this was that track people heard.

One thing that really remains to be a unique element in this track is the bassline with the filtered resonance. That ultimately gave this track a lot of personality, let alone a unique sound.

The added synth when the bassline isn’t heard also gave this track a nice amount of dimension, thus moree or less completing the overall sound.

My only real complaint was that it was too short. It’s not even 2 minutes long and is meant to be looped instead of being it’s own track.

Still, this is definitely a great track to listen to every so often. If you haven’t heard this track at least once, I definitely recommend giving it a whirl. It’s hard to be disappointed by this one.


Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Google+.

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