Review: In-Panic – Step By Step (Psytrance)

This review covers the psytrance track In-Panic – Step By Step.

This track was released in 2009 on the Step By Step album.

One prominent feature in this track is the melody that kicks in about 2 minutes into the track. This alone really made this track worth listening to.

The track, additionally, has an interesting breakdown and build up that gradually goes back into the original melody with the aid of some subtle vocoding and a very nice piano solo.

This track also has some very nice flow and a nice rhythm with the bassline. The 303 effects and a few other elements really helped make the track enjoyable from beginning to end.

I really have no criticisms for this track. It was too enjoyable to listen to.

Overall, this is a great psytrance track. It’s thoroughly enjoyable and is definitely a recommended track.


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