Review: Gunnthrain – Heart of Darkness (Ambient)

This review covers the ambient track Gunnthrain – Heart of Darkness.

This track was released in 2008 online for free.

One great element in this track was the repetitious melody that varied in attack. It really added a lot to a rather mysterious sound overall.

The ambient strings also gave this track a nice dark touch. The crackle of the vinyl also added a very subtle personality to this track.

The problem with this track is that it really doesn’t go anywhere. By the time you get a third of the way through the track, it simply loops. It doesn’t have to do anything grand in variation, but I thought it could have done something more.

Generally speaking, if you like the soundtrack from, say, Silent Hill, then this track is definitely something worth listening to. While it provided personality and great atmosphere to convey meaning, it was a bit on the repetitive side. So, while this track wasn’t bad, it’s not going to be the most memorable track ever.


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