Announcement: Feature Upgrade: Top Games of All Time (By System)

Today, we are announcing an upgrade to an existing feature. This revolves around out video game reviews.

As time goes on, more and more reviews are added to our database. We do list off the greatest games we’ve reviewed in a given year. We also comment on what is the greatest game in a given year. So, to further your options on how to find out about great games on our site, we opted to go by system.

The term, “Of All Time” carries a lot of connotations. One of these being that no other game will ever match it in terms of quality. Such a degree of finality must be given a lot of respect. It should also be handled in a manner that involves a lot of context. Up to now, we’ve shied away from the term.

Today, however, we feel we can begin to use this term. So, the question is, how do we determine what is the greatest game for a system? There are two possible conditions in which such a list can be created:

The first possible condition is that at least 100 games have been played on a system before such a list can b generated. After all, one ought to have a degree of familiarity to the system before such a list can be generated. In this case, the list will be fluid and subject to change as more games are reviewed. This includes the number of games that can be included. I’ve determined that only 10% of the games will make the list for a maximum of 100 games.

The second possible condition is that we’ve gone as far as we can go in a particular library. I personally have a few genre limits, so not absolutely every game in existence will be evaluated. Once I’ve gotten to the point where I feel the console is sufficiently represented on the site, then the list is generated. This condition only applies to consoles with fewer than 100 games in the entire library (yes, such systems to exist).

The lists will be placed in the Video Games index right below the yearly top 10 lists. If the link is followed by a “Final”, it means the list is fixed and very unlikely to change because the library has been taken as far as I can go. For lists that change, a date for when the list is updated will be applied. Indications on what has been changed in the list itself is currently under consideration.

Our first list is the Top 10 Greatest Atari 7800 games of All Time. We hope you enjoy the list and this new feature. While this is going to be a slow process, we will try and bring you more lists like this as soon as we can.

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Google+.

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