Review: Growling Machines – Remedy (Psytrance)

This review covers the psytrance track Growling Machines – Remedy.

This track was released in 2007 on the album Rounders. We’ve already reviewed the tracks Celldweller – Own Little World (Growling Machines Remix) and Growling Machines – Growling Machines (Remix). So far, all the tracks we’ve reviewed to date on the album have been positive listening experiences.

This track does start with a sort of ambient sound. The first four minutes of the track features some decent psytrance sound, but nothing that makes me jump up and down in any excited manner.

The last two and a half minutes or so, on the other hand, was actually really good.

This last section features a very catchy melody. The melody was nicely built in to a great build up.

The secondary melody makes up a portion of the climactic portion of the track. I thought this part complimented the first melody nicely and worked very well to making this into a great track.

Voice samples are also used. Some of them were used to compliment the quieter portions of the track which worked very well. The other filtered voice samples complimented the climactic portions of the track. Once again, it worked very well and even gave this track a great rhythm.

Overall, if I would have scored just the last two and a half minutes, this would be top 10 worthy. If I was scoring the first four minutes, I would give this track a fairly average score. Combining the two sections, however, I still say that this track was a very good one to listen to. If you don’t mind the somewhat lengthy intro, this track is a great listening experience. Great melodies, interesting voice samples, and great production value is to be found in this track. Another thumbs up from me.


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