Review: Nosferatu – Chronicles of a Freak (Hardcore)

This review covers the gabber hardcore Nosferatu – Chronicles of a Freak.

This track was released in 2007 on the album Enemy Of The State II – A Mind Less Ordinary.

This track features an interesting melody that works fairly well in this track. The melody had a great buildup and punches out a great climax.

The drum kit has pretty much everything you could ask for in a hardcore track.

The voice samples are pretty decent. It’s a bit hard to understand at times, but they do add a bit of personality to the track.

For me, this track does check all the boxes of what I look for in a hardcore track. Unfortunately, I don’t really hear much that pushes the envelope to get this track to stand out in an significant way. It does have nice progression between portions. The melody works very well and is, arguably, the biggest highlight of the track. The voice samples are decent. So, I would say it’s good and worth a few listens, but not much beyond that. This artist has produced better tracks.


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