Review: Grindstone – Wired (Rock)

This review covers the rock track Grindstone – Wired.

This track was released in 1999 on the album Nowhere Under.

One strong element in this track is the vocals. The vocals contains examples of screaming done well. The filtering and delay effects in the screaming portions actually punctuates the emotion rather than become a sore spot. These moments only appear a few times, are short, but gets the job done in expression emotion. To add to this, there are larger portions of more subtle vocals which gives a great impression of a buildup in tension.

The lyrics also helps carry this track nicely. They do a great job of giving the track that anti-establishment tone. A very well done element.

The guitars are also well done. While they take up a lot of presence, they also compliment the vocals instead of overpowering it. They worked very well in this track.

While it is difficult to really carve out much attention in this soundscape, the drums did do a good job of this. They added a nice amount of flow to the overall track. They helped with buildups and did what they needed to everywhere else. They add a nice punch to the track and that was nice to hear.

Overall, I thought this was a great rock track. It has great vocals, great lyrics, nicely done guitars, and has great flow thanks in part to the drums. A recommended track, that’s for sure.


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