Review: Erectronik – Granola Bars (Dance)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the dance track Erectronik – Granola Bars.

This particular track was released in 2006 for free.

The obvious part of this track is the lyrics which is simply a chopped up synthetic speech of “eat granola bars”. This was mixed in with very progressive electronica elements. I found that the speech synth added a lot to the overall rhythm of the track. I was personally surprised when some people hearing this track said that this element was a major detracting part of the track. I didn’t find it that way at all because it also added an element of creativity to the track.

In addition to this, there was plenty of layers worth of progressive elements including a number of melodies expressed with different instrument types like bells and supersaw-like synths. Adding to this is a nice seemingly triangle-like 303 bassline.

Personally, I found that this track has a lot of character to it. There’s a somewhat humorous speech synth. While the humor does gradually fade away, it still adds rhythm because of the way it was chopped up and mixed in. The bassline gives it a nice subtle warmth. The melodies give this track depth. So, overall, I thought it was a strong and well done track.



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