Review: Bubble – Sound of Silence (PsyTrance)

By Drew Wilson

In this review, we cover the psytrance track Bubble – Sound of Silence.

This particular track was released in 2006 on the Sound of Silence album. It was later released in 2010 for free streaming on YouTube by the artist.

This particular track starts off with some light effects before going into full psytrance. This track is one of many psytrance tracks that have an eclectic assortment of effects as it progresses. What makes this track stand out, however, is the eventual full blown melody that almost lightly skims across the audio atmosphere in the second half of this track.

What I really like about this tack as well is the addition of some vocal samples and choirs. I felt that this really boosted the tracks quality – a quality that was already quite good in my opinion.

My criticism of this track is a somewhat common criticisms I’ve had with a number of psytrance tracks over the years – it’s that it takes a bit too long to get to the really good part of the track. The first part of the track is decent, but it’s like the gold found in this track is buried under 3 minutes of decent psytrance. I felt this somewhat hurt the approachability of this track for those that are a little new to the genre.

Still, in spite of this, I found this track quite a treat to listen to. The main melody made it a great track to listen to. The vocal samples and choir effects gave it a boost in quality. The effects worked well throughout. Overall, this was a very good track.



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