Review: WeSmile – Felix (Progressive House)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the progressive house track WeSmile – Felix.

This particular track was released in 2014.

This track starts off with a standard house sound, but wastes little time bringing a bassline in. It then features the electro sound which makes the track interesting earlier on. The chords are then brought in to give it a sort of full feel and features Amen break mixed in. Also featured in this track are warped voice samples and piano.

This track has an overall energetic vibe. It’s a general dance feel that makes this meant for the dance floor.

My criticism for this track is that this track falls victim to the whole concept of building up and building up only to just stop and have nothing that offers an audio climactic moment. This, unfortunately, kills some of the vibe I can hear in this track.

Still, there’s plenty to like in this track. For me, this is a pretty good track. It’s worth the listen.



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