Review: ePHeMeRiD – aPoCRYPHa (Downtempo)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the downtempo world fusion track ePHeMeRiD – aPoCRYPHa

This particular track was released in 2004 as a free download and is available for free streaming as well. It is also part of the album Sleeper on the Sea.

Besides both the artist and track name being pretty much next to impossible for me to spell without help, there are a number of noticeable features in this track. It blends elements from downtempo as well as featuring various world instruments in an ambient mood setting track. It has, what sounds like the sounds of whales at the beginning and contains wind chimes, stringed instruments and several other instruments found throughout the traditional world all backed by various synth pads.

This is obviously not a track you would head bang to by any stretch of the imagination, but it is quite relaxing to listen to this track. It’s kind of like an audio journey around the world as you find yourself slowly sweeping from continent to continent.

I think a criticism I would have is the inclusion of that midi, I believe, horn found 3:13 into the track. I thought that if it had to have been included in the track, it could have been pushed back more into the background. As it is now, it’s kind of a weird sound that just sticks out a little uncomfortably. I also thought that there may have been a bit too much resonance from the wind chimes and that other instrument towards the end. Really, though, these are just minor quibbles I have with this track.

Overall, this track was very pleasant experience. If you want a track to listen to that is a little different from your standard electronic ambient track, I would recommend giving this track a whirl. A recommended track as far as I’m concerned.


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