Review: Andrew W.K. – Party Hard (Hard Rock)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the hard rock track Andrew W.K. – Party Hard.

This particular track was released in 2001 from the album I Get Wet.

This track is one of those tracks that is about exactly what it says on the tin – partying hard. The lyrics are kind of funny, kind of true, and just meant to be fun. There’s also numerous unexpected elements including the piano and the synthetic voice.

Some people may not be a big fan of the sort of wall of sound this track has, but I thought it matched the mood this track was trying to portray. Some people, I found, criticized this track for sounding too “tinny”, but I didn’t really find that at all in this track.

Overall, if you want a track that has a nice hard rock sound and just plain fun, I’d say this is a good track to listen to. An overall great track as far as I’m concerned.


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